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Brandon Mayernik doesn't always talk a lot, but he certainly makes his presence known.  In just over half a year, Brandon has become a pillar amongst the CrossFit Central competitors.  After spending 4 years in the Marines, Brandon made his way to Austin to begin college.  Just 23 years old, he began CrossFitting a mere 8 months ago.  In those few months his strength and skill gains have been unmatched.  His first coach, Big Mike says it best:

"I know he is hungry and motivated.  He wakes up with excitement to choose the day and make it his own! He sees the possibilities and starts chasing them down without fear. The idea of not being able to do it is nonexistent."

This month, Brandon will play an integral role on the CrossFit Central Team at the CrossFit Games South Central Regionals.  To help fund Brandon's participation and trip to competition, we have created Team Mayernik t-shirts.  All proceeds from the shirts will go directly to Brandon.

Team Mayernik shirts come in both men's and women's styles.  They will be available at CrossFit Central, Wednesday, May 22nd.

Written by Susan Bender — May 16, 2013


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