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In 2012, Lisa Bender Thiel was primed to truly compete as an individual in the CrossFit Games Open and beyond.  Her body was in the best shape of her life and her mind had finally decided that she was in fact, an athlete.  Just two weeks before the CrossFit Games Open began, Lisa discovered 2012 would not be her year for competition after all.  Three months pregnant, Lisa completed the Open WODs but of course was not in true competition mode.

As the 2013 CrossFit Games Open approached, Lisa, now the mother of a five month old boy, was faced with a decision....compete as an individual or sit on the sidelines for the second year in a row.  With the support of her husband and CrossFit Central community, she decided to go full speed ahead, accepting that she could compete as an athlete, an individual, a wife and a new mother.  

"I've always competed in a way that kept my performance relative to those around me - now I have no preconceived notion of where I 'should' fall so I can just 'do me'. I look at this year and know that I will finally fulfill MY potential - it may not be the 'potential' I had going into 2012 but I will fulfill Lisa Bender Thiel's 2013 potential."

Help support Lisa in her trip to the South Central Regionals.  Place your name on the pre-order form below, to ensure you will have an LBT shirt of your own! All proceeds go directly to Lisa to help fund her trip to Regionals and of course child care for the weekend!



Written by Susan Bender — May 06, 2013


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